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Substance Use Disorder Prevention

 Prevention Services

Prevention Services
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SUD Prevention Provider Information 

SUD Prev. Provider Info.
SUD Prev. Provider Toolkit

Substance Use Disorder Prevention
Provider Toolkit

The Prevention Provider Toolkit has been created to assist CMHPSM-funded Preventionists with information that will be helpful in achieving program outcomes, meeting CMHPSM and other statutory requirements, and completing CMHPSM-required reports.

Please note that the information in this Toolkit may not be comprehensive, as the CMHPSM reserves the right to edit materials and requirements as necessary. 

SUD Prevention Provider Toolkit


If you have questions or want more information regarding SUD Prevention programs serving Lenawee, Livingston, Monroe and Washtenaw Counties, reach out to the CMHPSM Regional Substance Use Disorder Prevention Coordinator,
Jane Goerge. 

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