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Public Health Emergency End


With the end of the Federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) scheduled for May 11, 2023 certain allowances related to Medicaid services are changing. Services delivered on or after May 12, 2023 services may only be delivered in accordance with post-public health emergency MDHHS guidelines and requirements. Resources on this page are intended to provide an overview of these upcoming changes related to service delivery. Please contact your CMHSP or PIHP representative with any questions related to this guidance. 

CMHPSM Provider Information

Provider communications related to the public health emergency end will be shared in this section.

MDHHS PHE End Resources

The MDHHS reporting requirements page will always hold the most recently published service code reporting and provider qualification information. 

The following links are up-to-date as of the date listed, the CMHPSM will attempt to provide the most recent MDHHS guidance on this page.

MDHHS Policy Guidance

MDHHS PHE End Resources
Provider Information
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