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Substance Use Disorder
Provider Resources

SUD Provider Training Resources

Visit the CMHPSM SUD training resources page for CMHPSM provided training materials. Additional training materials can be found below.


MDHHS has contracted with CMHAM (formerly MACMHB) to develop and host training resources for SUD Service Providers, which are hosted here:

Training Requirements Page

SUD Provider Training Resources

SUD Provider Notices

SUD Provider Notices
Federal Debarment Requirements
SUD Credenialig Applicaton Forms

Reporting Forms

Reporting Forms

PA2 Mini Grant Application

PA2 Mini Grant Application
EHR / CRCT Assistance

Fee-for-Service Rates

CMHPSM Direct SUD Fee-for-Service Rates
SUD Provider Audit Information

Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Program (QAPIP) Evaluations

Each fiscal year the CMHPSM creates a plan on ways to improve the availability, quality, safety, and experiences of services and supports for the people we serve. These projects are either required by the state or created by the region based on local improvement opportunities. At the end of each year the CMHPSM evaluates performance with these projects, and ensures this annual evaluation is made available to providers and consumers. For more information or a copy of the QAPIP plan for the current year, please contact CMPHSM or your local CMH Customer Services staff

FY21 Evaluation Document

FY20 Evaluation Document

FY19 Evaluation Document

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