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CMHPSM Regional Provider Training Resources


The resources on this page are to be used by CMHPSM Regional Providers contracted with our CMHSP partners to deliver mental health services. The CMHPSM region transitioned to an online training system for most required trainings. 

CMHPSM Regional Mental Health Provider Training

Effective December 1, 2021 (Learnworlds Transition Announcement) the CMHPSM has transitioned all mental health service provider online trainings to the Learnworlds platform. Please follow the link below to access the training materials or to register for a new training profile.

CMHPSM Learnworlds Training Platform

Link to Learnworlds Platform:

Medication Training Resources

Individual Plan of Service (IPOS) Training Log

Providers can use these forms, modify them, or can use their own form as long as their created form includes all elements found within the CMHPSM example form.

Other Resources

MH Training Requirements
Learnworlds Training Platform
Medication Training Resoures
IPOS Training Logs
Other Resources
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