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Medicaid Enrollment Restart


Medicaid continuous enrollment allowability has ended as of June 2023, which means many individuals covered by Medicaid or Healthy Michigan insurance will need to renew their eligibility.  

Individuals receiving services funded by Medicaid or Healthy Michigan through the CMHPSM or one of our CMHSP partners may need to re-enroll, and should contact their local MDHHS office with questions related to coverage renewal.

MDHHS Information

Please visit the MDHHS 2023 PHE Benefit Change webpage for the most up-to-date information on Medicaid and Food Assistance benefit changes: 

Please visit the MDHHS Medicaid Benefit Changes webpage for the most up-to-date information related to Medicaid re-enrollment changes:

Other MDHHS Resources

Your Contact Information

It is extremely important that MDHHS has your correct mailing address so you receive your benefits renewal packet. Please update your contact information with MDHHS by visiting the MI Bridges online platform:


Or call your local MDHHS office if you do not have an online MI Bridges account to update your contact information. 

Individualized Renewal Timeline Information

Select your re-enrollment month from the dropdown below to see timeline information related to your own Medicaid or Healthy Michigan re-enrollment.

Medicaid Enrollment
MDHHS Information
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