FY 2019 Direct Care Aide Level

Wage Increase

As mandated by the State of Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services and funded through the public mental health system in our four county region (MDHHS>CMHPSM>CMHSP). The CMHPSM regional CMHSPs are passing through service rate increases of $0.28/hour on average to their service providers for certain direct care aide level services effective April 1, 2019.


The fee-for-service reimbursement increases for these services are being provided to increase hourly wages by $0.25/hour for the affected staff whom provide these certain direct care aide level services. Affected staff persons are in positions which predominantly provide direct care aide level services: community living supports in unlicensed settings, community living supports and personal care in licensed settings, supported employment, pre-vocational, skill building, respite and/or respite camp services.  


Providers should contact their local CMHSP contract contact for any additional questions or concerns related to this mandated wage increase. Contractual amendments will outline specific provider requirements as well as related service code fee-for-service rate increases.


CMHPSM Funded Direct Care Aide Level Services Related to Wage Increase

Additional Information

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