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FY 2015-16 Program Briefs




Student Prevention Leadership Teams (SPLT teams) are running campaigns in five Lenawee County School Districts this year, including Adrian, Clinton, Madison, Onsted and Sand Creek. The SPLT teams work with our prevention coordinator and a school appointed staff leader to develop and implement three prevention campaigns throughout the school year.  Each campaign is unique and developed by the local teams, focusing on the prevention of underage drinking, marijuana use and prescription medication misuse and abuse.  Students use local MiPHY data to drive the creation of their campaigns. As a result, many of the campaigns work to influence a change in the perception that everyone uses, because, as they learn from their data, MOST DON’T choose to use.

Student Prevention Leadership Teams were developed from the evidence-based interventions of Lead and Seed and Ohio Youth Lead Prevention Network. 


For more information about SPLT teams, please contact Jackie Bradley, Community Outreach Prevention Coordinator at jbradley@lcmha.org.

Community Trials Interventions

Alcohol Vendor Education and Follow-Up Compliance Checks - In an effort to reduce the sale of alcohol to minors, Lenawee County provides alcohol vendor education toolkits (hand delivered) to 100% of alcohol vendor establishments throughout the County during early spring.  The toolkits include information about the laws prohibiting the sale of alcohol to minors and the legal consequences, how to check an I.D. and additional information on available training and resources. 

After all of the vendors have received the alcohol vendor education toolkits, we follow up by coordinating with our SPLT student volunteers, the health department, and local law enforcement to conduct alcohol compliance checks to 100% of the alcohol vendors in Lenawee County.

TIPS Training (Training for Intervention Procedures) - Additionally, we work to educate individuals in the community that serve alcohol in places like restaurants and bars.  TIPS training is an education and training for responsible service, sale, and consumption of alcohol.  Individuals who complete the training become “certified in TIPS.”  We partner with our health department in Lenawee County to offer quarterly TIPS trainings.  We promote this training availability in our vendor education packets, as well as offer it up as a tool for employers to require of their employees who may have sold to a minor during compliance checks (restorative justice) in order to maintain their employment. 

For more information about these community trials interventions, please contact Jackie Bradley, Community Outreach Prevention Coordinator at jbradley@lcmha.org.



“Do Your Part” to reduce underage drinking is an evidence based intervention tool provided by the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (http://www.michigan.gov/mdhhs/0,5885,7-339-71550_2941_4871_29888_48562_60514---,00.html).  The premise of this campaign is to educate adults about the consequences of contributing to or even just allowing underage drinking.  In Lenawee County, we provide this information at community events and collect pledges from adults to encourage all youth in their lives to be alcohol free by encouraging youth to not attend parties where alcohol or drugs are present or there is a lack of supervision, to NEVER allow there to be alcohol or drugs present at a party for youth, and to not allow youth to possess or use any alcohol or drugs on their property. 


For more information about Do Your Part, please contact Jackie Bradley, Community Outreach Prevention Coordinator at jbradley@lcmha.org.

FY 2016-17 Program Briefs


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