Designated Youth Tobacco Use Representative (DYTUR)

Underage Tobacco Use Prevention 

Tobacco reduction and prevention efforts are carried out across the state by Designated Youth Tobacco Use Representatives (DYTURs).


DYTURs work with tobacco retailers and community partners to restrict youth access to tobacco products. The federal Synar Amendment requires states to have laws in place prohibiting the sale and distribution of tobacco products to persons under age 18 and to enforce those laws effectively. Retailers are given vendor education packets that include state mandated materials as well as materials specifically selected by our DYTURs. Annual Synar compliance checks, required by the amendment, are conducted on select retailers by DYTURs and the results are reported to the state. Local law enforcement conducts Non-Synar compliance checks in an effort to keep retailers engaged in the tobacco prevention efforts throughout the year. Local DYTURs also provide community and school information displays and presentations to increase awareness of the consequences of tobacco use as well as to help promote tobacco-free norms.

Karen Bergbower & Associates (KBA) provides DYTUR activities in Livingston, Washtenaw, and Monroe Counties. KBA is also working closely with the Lenawee County Health Department to provide DYTUR activities in Lenawee County. This regional coordination will provide a uniform approach to reduce youth access to tobacco products.

If you would like more information about DYTUR tobacco prevention efforts, please contact Alison Cox at

FY 2018-19 Program Briefs

FY 2019-20 DYTUR Requirements & Materials

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